KOCHI: Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) has announced the results of ATLAS- CPPR South Asia Public Policy Challenge. The first prize was secured by Bhishm Khanna for his policy brief on ‘Predictive Justice: Using AI for Justice’. The second prize is awarded to Ananya Pal for her policy brief on ‘Blockchain Database: Resolving Farmers’ Issue in the Disruptive Era’.

This policy challenge was organised by CPPR, in association with the ATLAS Network, USA. Entries were invited from young researchers, students, practitioners and policymakers of South East Asian Nations in the age group of 18-35 years as part of the competition.

The theme of the policy challenge was “Navigating Policy Reforms for Minimum Government, Maximum Governance in the Disruptive Era.” The competition incorporated the possibility of disruptive innovations, improving standards of public service delivery and maximising governance with minimal state involvement in the National or regional context. The aim of the project is to evolve public policy solutions for sectors including but not limited to health, education, livelihood, trade and commerce, cities & infrastructure, disaster resilience.

An intensive 4- day public policy workshop was organised for the 10 shortlisted candidates as part of the competition. During the CPPR- Atlas Public Policy Workshop, the candidates were trained by seasoned public policy experts to further refine their policy briefs.

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