The Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) in collaboration with the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), New York, and the Menon & Pai Foundation, Kochi, organised “The Vikasarth Conversations”, on January 16, 2020, at Grand Hyatt, Kochi. In this second edition, we hosted a conversation between Professor Oliver Hart and Justice A K Jayasankaran Nambiar (Judge at the Kerala High Court) on the path-breaking work of Professor Hart in the field of Contract Theory for which he was the co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics (2016).

Vikasarth is a platform that brings together a small and carefully curated group of ‘pracademics’ engaged in legal, economic and public policy spheres to deliberate on pressing governance challenges via an interdisciplinary approach. 

Dr D Dhanuraj, Chairman, Centre for Public Policy Research, delivered a welcome speech and shared with the audience the journey of CPPR and the idea of Vikasarth. Sunanda Nair-Bidkar, Director of Strategic Planning, South Asia at the Institute for New Economic Thinking, gave a brief introduction of INET and Professor Oliver Hart. E K Nandakumar, Managing Partner of Menon & Pai Foundation, spoke about the organisation and its activities. Justice Nambiar was introduced to the audience by Pooja Menon from Menon & Pai Foundation. The Conversation was curated in the form of a Question and Answer session followed by an interaction with the audience. The event, attended by around 200 people including experts from legal, economic and public policy fields, government officials and students, concluded with a vote of thanks by Sunanda Nair-Bidkar. 

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