CPPR Centre for Comparative Studies (CCS) is inviting Internships in the following topics. The Internship will be for period of 2-3 months and shall be subject to the CPPR Internship Policy

Tasks for Interns

Do a routine collection and compilation of issues based on three strategic centre: Issues should include political, economic or social development across states and for India in general; policies/issues based on urban infrastructure, transport, governance, or other features; issues identified as strategically important for the state/country.

Procedure: Collect and compile issues on all these aspects. One person can focus on one issue or if possible work on all issues simultaneously. Produce weekly reports based on the data collected on selected issues. Produce monthly reports.

Specific Tasks

  1. Identify the best and the weak states with respect to sporting infrastructure and compare it with the contributions made by these states to national/international sporting events? Highlight a few possible reasons for these differences between states? What are the emerging policy recommendations of the government to improve sporting activities in India?
  2. Examine in detail the customs valuation procedures in India? Compare and contrast it with developed country experiences?
  3. Identify crucial legislations/policies on trade since 2000? Which commodities traded were most impacted by these policies? What are the suggested remedies to improve performances?
  4. How are excise duties for alcohol determined? Identify the major domestic manufacturers of alcohol in India? Are there variations in excise duties imposed on alcohol across states? What are the other taxes on alcohol? Calculate the cost of tax on consumers of alcohol in India, across states? Rank these states in order of excise duties imposed. Compare performance of states based on this criteria.
  5. Highlight major features of the annual budget of India? Construct a time series data on costs of each department of the state from the available budgets? What were the crucial sectors in which spending increased? What were the major policies formulated in this regards?
  6. What is the government policy towards private education in India? Identify the major players and their features in private education at the state level? What are the implications of opening up education to such players? How can this situation be improved?


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