Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) and Monash University, Melbourne, have decided to pool their academic-policy research capacities relating to the Indo-Pacific region and build upon their intellectual capitals to build a robust research agenda on the Indo-Pacific. Pooling our shared knowledge and expertise in the maritime sector is expected to be a crucial asset in managing marine resources and marine-related challenges in the coming years. It will also be key in furthering the Sustainable Development Goals for the region. The collaboration can contribute to nurturing engagement beyond the current areas of association and pave the way in future to establish flourishing means of back channel diplomacy involving institutional and political leadership, as well as various think tanks in the region. Taking such a vision forward would require engaging in more maritime dialogues with a focus on traditional and non-traditional security aspects in the region, holding stakeholder discussions with experts, academicians and state actors for successful ideation and actionable policy initiatives. Towards that end, it has been decided to constitute an AIIPOIP Taskforce composed of Indian and Australian thought leaders and experts drawing from a range of areas of cooperation. The actionables from the Taskforce discussions and track facilitation could be taken forward to result in concrete policy changes for the larger benefit and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific.


  • Facilitate collaborations and linkages with other think tanks and academic institutions in the Indo-Pacific region to further engagements in research and beyond.
  • Connect with respective governments for research opportunities and provide appropriate and actionable policy advice at various forums, like national and international conferences, and in the media.
  • Nurture and work towards potential people-to-people contact initiatives and collaboration in ASEAN region in the extensive future beyond the set policy-academic objectives of AIIPOI, with a special focus on multidimensional engagement by integrating knowledge and resources of already existing regional mechanisms like ASEAN, IORA and PIF.
  • Widen the scope of association in the Indo-Pacific region by enabling back channel tracks and diplomatic initiatives by providing platforms, expertise and logistical support.
  • Examine plausibility of new areas of research and identify policy gaps in themes adding value to original objectives of AIIPOI.

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