Centre for Public Policy Research hosted its 6th Quarterly lecture on 29th March. Dr. Sandeep Shastri, prominent political scientist and Pro Vice Chancellor Jain University delivered the lecture on the Topic “Emerging Electoral Landscape: Analysis of Indian Democracy”. Dr. D Dhanuraj, CPPR Chairman gave the welcome note and Introductory address was delivered by Prof. G Gopakumar, ICSSR Senior Fellow and former Dean Social Sciences Kerala University.

The first four editions hosted various prominent personalities including Shashi Tharoor (Indian Minister of State for Human Resource Development), Prof. Madhav Gadgil (Ecologist), Dr. Alexander T.J. Lennon (Editor in Chief, The Washington Quarterly), Mr. James M. Lyngdoh (Former Chief Election Commissioner of India) and Prof. (Dr.) Happymon Jacob, Assistant Professor at School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi .

He interestingly analyzed the present political trends emerging with clearly visible changes. He is expecting a perceptible generation gap in coming elections. According to  Election Tracker study conducted by CSDS more youngsters especially below 25 support for Narendra Modi.  to He compared the PM contenders Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi by analyzing various negative and positive factors.  He pointed that to a new trend of State  becoming the centre of Indian politics. According to him the visible trends found in 2014 are the poor rating of UPA and its implications, consolidation by NDA in its stronghold  areas and an emerging third front. He also made a state vise analysis of election scenario. He also commented that AAP could have stayed out of  politics for a while and  taken more time to set their agendas. he concluded by analyzing the  possible election results and its implications.

Prof. G Gopakumar analyzed the Electoral scenario in Kerala in further discussion.

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