In this episode of Policy Beyond Politics, we delve into the Indian Space Policy and its implications for the booming space relations between India and the US. With India aiming to increase its share of the global space economy to more than 10% by 2030, we explore the recent milestones in the Indian space sector, including the successful launch of India’s first private rocket. We also discuss the joint statement between India and the US, which highlights their intention to enhance Indo-US space relations and engage their commercial space sectors. Furthermore, we examine the initiatives and agreements signed between the two countries, such as the iCET agreement and the Space Situational Awareness Arrangement, as well as the plans for collaboration between NASA and ISRO. Tune in to understand the nuances of the Indian Space Policy and how it will support the growth and aspirations of the Indian space sector, particularly the private sector.

In this episode of Policy Beyond Politics,  we have with us Dr. Ranjana Kaul. Ranjana Kaul is a partner at Dua Associates, a leading law firm in New Delhi, India, with specialization in the UN international space law treaty regimes and international air law treaty regimes.

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