India has had a very dynamic history with the cannabis plant. Cannabis has been consumed for spiritual, medicinal and recreational purposes since millenia. In Pre-independence India, the British attempted to regulate it through excise laws that licensed cultivation and imposed taxes on the sale of hemp. However, globally the perspective around cannabis has seen a dramatic turnaround. Many countries are decriminalising its consumption and even legalising its recreational use. There is a growing global consensus that the harmful effects of cannabis are overestimated.

In this episode of Policy Beyond Politics Podcast,  Nissy Solomon, Senior Associate (Research) and Akanksha Borawake, Associate (Research) at CPPR discuss a long debated topic around the use of Cannabis plants, also known by several names such as Ganja, Bhang, Charas, among others. Tune into the podcast to know more.

Read the article written Akanksha Borawake on the same topic: Is it time for India to hop on the ‘cannabis legalisation’ train?

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