CPPR, in partnership with Friedrich Naumann For Freedom (FNF) South Asia, is conducting a one-day workshop for college-level students of institutions/ colleges/universities in Kerala. The workshop shall be an intensive training and knowledge dissemination programme that shall equip them to understand the concepts of public policy, economic freedom and liberty.
The workshop aims to instill thought-provoking concepts in the minds of students on libertarian and economic concepts, with a specific focus on India’s political and economic landscape. The workshop will mainly cover the following concepts –


The participants will be able to understand libertarian concepts and public policy from a practical perspective, guided by specific case studies and examples. The concepts and modules covered during the workshops will help the participants boost their analytical skills and critical thinking capabilities while also improving their theoretical knowledge of various aspects of the Indian economic landscape, libertarian thoughts, market economics and public policies. The workshop will focus on introducing and engaging the students to look at the political economy from a classical liberal perspective. The sessions will widen the participants’ understanding of contemporary economic issues and the role of markets and government interventions through policies in bridging gaps and facilitating inclusive economic growth.
The students will learn from experts and academicians working in the libertarian economic space. The workshop will offer a platform for interactions and thought-provoking discussions, debates, and Q&A sessions between the participants and instructors.


Article Writing Workshop

  • A few students will be selected from each college workshop to participate in CPPR’s one-day article-writing workshop.
  • Students will be trained on the basics of writing an article and will be equipped to write effective articles.
  • Selected participants from the session will have the opportunity to get their articles published in a compendium published by CPPR.
  • The compendium will be launched at an event in Kochi.


Ready to be part of a cohort of youngsters skilled in ideas of classical liberalism, critical issues of democracy, and the role of markets, culture and political economy? Reach out to CPPR Academy to conduct the workshop in your educational institution.


To conduct the workshop in your college, write to [email protected]


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