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January 12, 2022
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India Energy Samvad Dialogue No 1: Energy Transition & Fuels of the Future

The first episode of #IndiaEnergySamvad: A Dialogue on Global and Domestic Energy Markets and Challenges was on 12 January 2022 at 5:00 PM IST.

The India Energy Samvad includes a series of webinars and dialogues on ‘Energy’ with the scientific community, industry experts, academia, and think tank professionals, in global and domestic context, to come up with actionable policy inputs and recommendations.

The series aims to deliberate on key themes and issues relating (but not limited to) understanding how the energy policies in general must be modified in current scenarios, demands and challenges. The deliberations will have the background of COP26 Glasgow(2021), and many learnings from the Global energy crisis. The deliberations of the series will focus on how the energy market has undergone a change over the last few decades; the long and short-term competition among energy providers, and operators in the market encompassing private providers. Some of the deliberations will focus on the Indian policies that govern energy sources, pricing, and usage; the tariff and regulation policies, and the like. This webinar series is a timely intervention for the visibly pressing issues of the energy market, global and local challenges, country commitments; and to engage with relevant stakeholders as well as policy makers.

Speakers: Dr Cyril Widdershoven, Founder and Sr. Advisor Geopolitics & Country Risk, Verocy

Moderator : Dr Madhu P Pillai, Advisor (Special), Industry and Energy, CPPR

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