Trade relations have always been a major factor in international relations. Some of the policy changes like trade embargoes, sanctions, etc. have dominated recent headlines, especially the ongoing trade dispute between the US and China. Amidst the “trade war” between the US and China, India also experienced shocks in its bilateral trade with the US. The revocation of GSP benefit was just a starter of India’s trade woes with the US, and with President Trump vehemently targeting India’s “non-reciprocity”, India’s much valuable trade with the US is surely at stake. Moreover, the economic relations of India with the US have seen a gradual deviation owing to difference in policies. This paper would enunciate the status quo of India-US economic relations and its implications on various important sectors, as well as the strategic derivatives of both the nations.

Click on the link to view the paper India–US Economic Relations: A “Trumped” Challenge by K A Dhananjay Research Intern, CPPR.

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