Guest: Naveen Kumar, Political Consultant

Moderator: Dr. D Dhanuraj, Founder-Chairman, CPPR

An expert conversation between Naveen Kumar, Political Consultant and Dr D Dhanuraj, Chairman of CPPR, as they try to decode the key takeaways of the Great Indian Election 2024, as we approach D-Day on June 4th. Mr Naveen Kumar is a well known Political Consultant and the Regional Director of Rajneethi Political Consultancy, and has been working in the political consultancy domain for last 19 years. He write and debates on issues of national or international importance. Naveen has worked with all major Political Parties in India and he has closely watched and analysed the dimensions of politics, including social engineering or caste politics in north India.

Don’t miss this comprehensive breakdown of one of India’s most crucial elections.

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