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The shared security interests of India and the US, along with their geopolitical significance, underscore the importance of the strategic partnership in the Indo-Pacific region. The growing partnership between India and the USA in the Indo-Pacific region explores key aspects such as maritime security cooperation, counterterrorism and intelligence sharing initiatives, defence technology cooperation, and joint research and development. Most importantly, the Indian Ocean becomes more important as a strategic trade corridor, carrying about two-thirds of the world’s crude oil shipments and a third of its bulk cargo. This has caused the security architecture to shift from the Asia-Pacific to the Indo-Pacific. 

Due to various factors, such as increasing geopolitical tensions in the Indo-Pacific region, increasing human security concerns, and climate change-induced security threats, India-US maritime security cooperation holds more promise than ever. India has a larger responsibility in the Indo-Pacific region as the island countries around the Indian Ocean region depend on New Delhi in the face of various human security threats, such as natural disasters, illegal migration, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU), and human trafficking. India is also concerned about the growing Chinese naval presence in the Indian Ocean in the context of growing geopolitical tensions in the South China Sea. The Indian Navy has been actively working towards capacity building and capability enhancement with likeminded countries in the Indo-Pacific region. New Delhi also actively provides hardware platforms, including ships and aircraft for EEZ surveillance, and the navy has been engaged in the development of maritime infrastructure in the region.   

The United States and India are critical players in the Indo-Pacific region in ensuring maritime security and freedom of navigation. Washington is a natural partner for India in expanding its technological and planning capabilities, and New Delhi is a trusted power in the region in maintaining a rule based order. Since the US recognised India as a ‘major defence partner’, Washington’s defence relations with India have been enhanced, like those of its closest allies. The US has been supporting India’s role as the net security provider in the Indian Ocean Region, building defence cooperation and interoperability, and increasing cooperation on shared regional security cooperation in the region. 


  • Human and state security concerns in the Indo-Pacific region, including IUU, illegal migration, ecological damage and calamities, and increasing conventional security threats.
  • Prospects for New Age Defence Cooperation: Information, Intelligence and Capability Sharing between India and U.S.
  • Climate security concerns in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Role of bilateral or multilateral military and naval exercises spearheaded by India and US in countering regional state and non state actor threats.
  • The future of QUAD in shaping defence agendas and regional security architectures for India and the U.S. 

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