“This was a great human and research experience “quoted one of the research participants at the recently concluded CPPR -ATLAS Winter School 2014. Indeed,the much awaited third edition of CPPR –ATLAS Winter School 2014: Public Policy Research Methods was overwhelmed with 12 participants representing 11 countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Poland and Tajikistan.

Over the years, both Summer Schools and Winter Schools have attracted participants from Europe, Africa, Australia, The Americas and Asia. This time CPPR-ATLAS Winter School 2014 offered a two –week long rigorous and immense training in public policy research methods from 10th Jan 2014-25th Jan 2014 in Cochin, Kerala.

Participants of the Winter School also had the opportunity to attend the second Asia Liberty Forum held in Delhi on 8-9th January 2014 and availed this occasion to meet and network with Freedom Champions from Asia and the world.

This workshop brought subject experts, academicians, policy makers, consultants and bureaucrats along with the participants in formulating and evaluating with real time public policy. It also helped to identify various frameworks, theories and models of designing public policy. These activities made the aspiring policy researchers a clear vision as how to formulate and improve policy and decision making through the process of research and analysis. Through meticulous, purposeful research and the development of sophisticated analytic tools, Winter School 2014 sets the standard of quality in the field of policy analysis.

Researchers from varied disciplines and perceptions worked together to find solutions to some of the most difficult and pressing challenges faced by the people in India, especially Kerala. This was a mixture of both theory and practical exposure where the participants got hands on experience to the field where they collected data, analyzed it and formulated policy on the same.

The parliament model discussion towards the end of the workshop made participants face questions based on their policy presentation and this was well received by the participants and the whole team of Winter School 2014.

The course objectives which include the General aspects of research methodology such as the fundamentals of research and problem formulation, Research analysis strategies & Data Designing, Design and impact evaluation of Public Policies, Statistical Methods including Regression and Correlation and use of software tools,  were all fulfilled only with the support of 12 versatile and receptive participants across the globe and the success of this workshop very much owes to the significant role played by them during CPPR-ATLAS Winter School 2014.

The CPPR-ATLAS Winter School 2014 has become a well-structured programme keenly viewed by policy researchers across the world as an ideal venue for learning and co-sharing. Thanks to the support of Atlas Network and other well wishers, The CPPR-Atlas Winter School is shaping towards an unique and successful programme.

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