‘Vipaniyum Chila Swathanthra Aashayangalum’ is a collection of six essays (from the collection ‘The Market and A Choice of Free Ideas’ published by Atlas Network in 2014) that mainly deal with concepts like free market, political market and property rights. This is probably the first translation of these brilliant texts into the Malayalam language. It includes writings by prominent economists Claude Frederic Bastiat, Murray N. Rothbard, Armen A. Alchian and Shouvik Chakraborthy. This work is a bid to enrich the language with several ideas of the school of classical liberalism that the ‘Malayalee’ readers may not be familiar with. Besides, ‘Vipaniyum Chila Swathanthra Aashayangalum’ will serve as an introduction to the doctrine of ‘laissez-faire’, which means, in French, ‘allow to do’.

Click here to read the complete translated book

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