The primary objective of this paper is to study gold and consumer behavior. The respondents were consumers from various selected gold jewellery outlets in Cochin and Delhi. During the course of this study, the researcher tries to find the various incentives that encourage people to invest in general, and also the level of awareness and the general attitude of consumers towards gold as an investment. It also studies the consumer behavior of how people choose to buy gold, when they do and the various reasons for it. From the study it is found out that the demand for gold as an investment is gaining momentum among consumers, especially in Cochin and Delhi. The study also makes it clear that gold is price sensitive at low prices but it is insensitive to price increase, especially in Kerala. This finding has a lot of implications when Authorities formulate policies to curb consumption of gold

Gold Study

The study was conducted by Mary Honey OJ, Research Associate, CPPR.

For the Full report Click here: Gold and Consumer Behaviour – A Comparative Study of Cochin and Delhi

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