India and Hong Kong have maintained cordial relations since the British era. But with the recent protests against the extradition bill boiling across Hong Kong, things are not quite easy for India. India will be severely affected economically, especially since Hong Kong serves as an entrepot trade entry to China. Also, the violence looming around protests would heftily affect Indian tourists who visit the region in large numbers as their safety and security would be at stake.

By K A Dhananjay, 

We recently witnessed in the news the Hong Kong extradition law protests going down as protesters staunchly stood against their mainland, China. Hong Kong witnessed one of the biggest rallies in its political history similar to the kind around the time it was “handed over” by Britain to China back in 1997. The whole fiasco was deduced to the fact that Hong Kong’s political freedom is under fire and the Chinese Mainland’s influence over its Special Administrative Regions has proven as a predator to civil and political freedoms/liberties of the citizens of these regions. This impugned extradition law proposed by the Hong Kong Government intended to transfer fugitives and criminals upon request by the Chinese Mainland, Taiwan or Macau, subject to the approval of the Hong Kong Government. Feared by the malafide intentions of China, and its unaccountable legal system, thousands marched for their rights.

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K A Dhananjay is Research Intern at CPPR- Centre for Strategic Studies. Views expressed by the author are personal and need not reflect or represent the views of Centre for Public Policy Research.

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