The number of people using public transport is likely to come down post-pandemic restrictions, as they feel it may not be safe, according to a survey conducted by Centre for Public Policy Research here.

Before the pandemic, six out of 10 respondents were using private transport, whereas post-lockdown nine out of 10 respondents preferred private transport. This implies that the share of public transport users will decrease from four to one (out of 10) post-lockdown. Two out of 10 respondents are planning to buy a new vehicle post-lockdown, it said.

The survey was held among 500 respondents from June 16 to 30. The feedback from five States could not be included in view of lack of adequate sampling. Forty-one per cent of respondents were from Kerala, according to D. Dhanuraj, chairperson of the centre.

The respondents pointed out that the threat to the country’s economy was of more serious nature compared to its impact as a health crisis. Majority of them supported the nationwide lockdown from March 24, maintaining that it helped in curbing the spread of the pandemic.

The participants in the survey belonging to Kerala expressed satisfaction over the government’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. One among four employed persons had faced salary cuts in this period, the survey said.

This news report is on the COVID-19 Impact Survey conducted by CPPR published in The Hindu on September 10, 2020. Click here to read

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