It goes without saying how far-reaching and sweeping the effects of Corona virus have been, tacitly having seeped into nearly every aspect of our lives. Amidst this pandemic-pandemonium, Donald Trump’s latest decision to temporarily ban all non-immigrant visas hits hard. Ever since President Trump came to power, there has been no stone that has been left unturned in attempts to curb the immigration policies in place. The case-in-point of the H1-B visa is no different. As widely acknowledged, Indian diaspora in the United States has been the major driving force of technological progress in Silicon Valley. The investments made by Indian IT firms and the subsequent job-creation have lifted the US economy to soaring heights. This Issue Brief will provide context to the aforementioned, while also probing into the rhetoric of whether the United States can afford to lose out on its foreign workforce at a juncture such as this. It also looks at the impact this move will have on the Indian IT firms and their employees.

This Issue brief is written by Ashwati Madhavan, Research Intern, CPPR- Centre for Strategic Studies.

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