The project comprises a series of webinars culminating in a two-day conference on the theme “India-US Relations: Change, Continuity and Transformation,” supported by the US Consulate-General in Chennai. The project shall aim to create an inclusive and conducive platform for Indian and American experts and stakeholders to engage in discussions to enhance convergences and synergies between India and the United States primarily in the following four focus areas – 1) U.S.-India Trade Relations, 2) U.S.-India Science and Technology Cooperation, 3) Indo-Pacific Strategy, and 4) U.S. and India as partners in global climate initiatives. There shall be four webinars each focusing on one of the focus areas where an Indian and an American expert shall deliberate and speak to an online audience. The finale of the project shall be a two-day conference held in Kochi where Indian and American experts shall be present. The conference shall ideally be in physical mode, however, a hybrid mode may also be considered depending on the situation then.

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