In this podcast, the speaker, Ravi Gadepalli, delves into the topic of ‘Advancing Public Transport System in India.’ India’s public transport is vital for the mobility, livelihood, and recreation of a large population, particularly in congested urban areas. State governments play a key role in the system, operating bus services through State Transport Undertakings (STUs). However, the growth of public buses has not matched population growth, leading to increased reliance on private vehicles. STUs face financial challenges due to rising fuel costs and ageing fleets. To address these issues, governments are exploring new bus transport models, including Public-Private partnerships, to reduce costs, foster innovation, and improve quality standards. Despite these efforts, challenges such as high capital requirements and technological barriers persist. Integrating technology in ticketing and fleet management is seen as a positive step, highlighting the importance of states exploring various funding avenues and collaborating with the private sector to enhance public transportation accessibility.

Speaker:  Ravi Gadepalli, Independent Consultant with World Bank & ADB, Public Transport

Moderator: Lizbeth Godwin, Associate, Research, CPPR

Key Discussion Points

  • How to promote public transportation usage
  • Challenges faced by State Transport Undertakings (STUs)
  • Issues with E-Buses and Manufacturing Capacity
  • Significance of Subsidised or Free Access to Public Transport

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