According to a 2016 report by the Centre for Public Policy Research, titled ‘Government Role in India’s Ailing Cold Storage Sector’, 18 per cent of the country’s fruit and vegetable produce perishes in the absence of proper storage facilities. Just 2 per cent of the produce is kept or transported in cold storage. By comparison, in the US, 85 per cent of the produce is kept/ moved in cold storage. Ninety-six per cent of the 7,129 bulk cold storage facilities in the country are privately-run. Seventy-five per cent of the cold storage network is dedicated to potato and a mere 0.4 per cent to fruits and other vegetables. While horticulture is a pan-India activity, 60 per cent of the cold storage units are concentrated in just four states-UP, Punjab, Gujarat and West Bengal.

Read the report published in India Today

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