The Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) is organizing and conducting the 2nd International Conference on India-Japan Relations on various thematic areas of Cooperation between India and Japan with the support of the Consulate-General of Japan, Chennai. The Conference shall be held in Kochi in Kerala and shall have the participation of delegates and speakers from India & Japan. We expect the participation of around 50 delegates, both national and international, for the Conference which shall begin at 11.00 am with an inaugural ceremony on Day 1 and close by lunch on Day 2. We shall have three technical sessions post-lunch on Day 1 and two on Day 2 before closing.

The Objectives of the conference are –

  1. Organize panel discussions on India-Japan Relations with experts in geopolitics, foreign policy, mercantile marine, technology and climate change.
  2. Formulate plans to build awareness among people and governments through public policy programmes.
  3. Initiate a process to further people to people/ city to city/ port to port cooperation between India and Japan through policy discourses

The Deliverables of the conference are –

  1. Research publication including the compendium of the proceedings at the conference
  2. Research report with policy recommendations on various sessions.
  3. A network of experts on India – Japan relationship
  4. Provide a platform for dialogue and networking among the stakeholders
  5. Support the stakeholders by offering consultancy services, etc
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