The core purpose of CPPR is facilitating ‘solutions to change.’ We believe that combined effort and focused actions are crucial to the realisation of such a process. The conscious efforts of socially responsible citizens are essential to set a pace of change in society.

We invite people to get involved by dedicating their time, talents and creative skills to the cause of forming a transformed society, enriched by democratic and secular principles. CPPR has facilitated interns from India and abroad. From month-long internships to one year period, the opportunities are aplenty.

Internships are provided under our three programme centres and the interns will be attached to either of these three centres –

What our internships mean for you

Researching at CPPR offers you the following in addition to learning and fun:

  • A lively and active work environment
  • The platform to put forth your innovative ideas
  • Rigorous training on research methodology
  • A chance to work on live projects
  • Interact with the government and other independent organisations including experts, academicians, etc. A chance to be part of the various initiatives of CPPR
  • Publish a paper on our website or blog
  • A chance to write for leading newspapers and local dailies in Kerala
Who can apply
  • Graduates or students pursuing graduation from a recognised university.
  • Anyone with at least an undergraduate degree from a recognised university interested in part-time jobs or volunteering
  • Anyone with experience/ interest in working on digital media, animation and photography
Time and Place
  • A minimum of 45 days
  • 30 to 150 working hours
  • Full-time engagement
  • Based in Kochi, Kerala, India
Internship Fee
  • Indian nationals: Rs 3000/- for 45 days
  • Foreign nationals: USD 100 for 45 days

Centre for Comparative Studies (CCS)

Internship Topics under CCS
  • Demographics; Ageing patterns
  • Education and Health
  • Poverty
  • Urbanisation policies
  • Governance Patterns and Politics
  • Government Budgeting
  • Social and Economic Development Indicators

Centre for Urban Studies (CUS)

Internship Topics under CUS
  • Urban Mobility (focusing on public transport and non-motorised transport)
  • Smart Cities
  • Public Space

CPPR Operations

Internships in Public Relations & Event Management
  • Media relations
  • Event management
  • Communication management
  • Relationship management
Internships in CPPR Academy
  • Contribution towards ideation of innovative courses
  • Assistance in research on areas pertinent to CPPR Academy
  • Organising educational seminars, workshops etc
  • Networking and managing of stakeholders
Internships in Digital and Social Media Management
  • Coordinating and executing CPPR’s social media strategy
  • Management of social media platforms of CPPR
  • Conceptualise and design social media posters
  • Manage the website

Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS)

Internship Topics under CSS
  • Foreign Policy of India
  • West Asian Politics
  • Maritime Security

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