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KOCHI: Public Transport Day (KPTD), an initiative by Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) to promote the usage of the public transport system, was observed at St Teresa’s College on Monday. KPTD is observed monthly in the city.

As part of KPTD, a seminar was organised at the College, during which the students and the staff members promised to switch from their private vehicles to the public transport system. The event was organized by the Department of Economics, St. Teresa’s College, in association with KMRL (Kochi Metro Rail Limited) and CPPR.

Sr Vinitha CSST, Director, St Teresa’s College, who inaugurated the event, urged the students to switch to public transport system by giving up private vehicles. Adarsh Kumar Nair, Senior DGM of KMRL, said that every three persons in Kerala own a vehicle and the number of vehicles on road is rising rapidly. He urged the students to initiate an action plant to make Kochi city more sustainable.

CPPR Chairman D Dhanuraj explained the public transportation system existing in Kochi. He encouraged everyone to become a part of the larger movement by identifying the issues in public transportation and be part of the campaign. “We want to make a habitable city, whose backbone is an effective and affordable public transport system,” he said.

Later, students of the department took a pledge to create awareness among the general public on the benefits of public transport and promised to use them as a primary mode of travel. 

Sajimol Augustine M, Principal of the College, and Thushara George, Head of the Department of Economics, also addressed the audience.

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