The CPPR Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS) calls for Internships on Non-Traditional Security in India. The Centre for Strategic Studies of the Centre for Public Policy Research has been in the forefront of activities in conducting research and activities in strategy and security domain. CPPR believes in the need to focus on state-centre relationship in building better systems and protecting its interests.

The subject of non-traditional security occupied the discussions in the strategic circles with agility only after the Cold War was over and the USSR dissolved. Yet it does not mean that the tenets of non-traditional security—from climate change to transnational crime to poverty and gender security—never existed prior to that. The themes related to non traditional security were simply off the strategic calculus and for a long time, hampering capacity building in an important arena of national security. With this mandate CSS is working on ‘Bringing Non-traditional Security to the Centre-stage in India’s National Security Planning’ which intends to come out with solutions in the NTS arena from a developmental perspective and that too locally, wherever feasible. The attempt is analyse the role of federal states focussing on the need to strengthen their capacity in thwarting NTS threats.


  • Undertake Research and report writing on identified themes of Energy Security, Human Security, Disaster Management and Food Security or any other topics under Non-Traditional Security
  • Assist the activities of CPPR Focus Study Centre, The Centre for Strategic Studies( CSS)
  • Co-ordinate the activities and assist the organisors for the proposed International Conference on “Non-Traditional Security” hosted by the Centre
  • Develop data base on identified themes of the Centre
  • Network and connect with organisation & resource persons working in similar areas



  • Knowledge of Databases and resources in concerned domains
  • Experience working with projects or institutions in strategy and security
  • Research writing skills
  • Innovative and willing to take up challenges


The interns who are keen to work on this area shall contact [email protected] or [email protected].

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