Kerala boasts of its much-touted Model of Development with rapid progress in socio-economic conditions, yet the fishermen community of the state is not able to make a tantamount progress in social and economic development. The poverty, due to the continuum of debts and exploitation among fishermen, pulled them back from the mainstream society. Kerala State Co-operative Federation for Fisheries Development Ltd. known as Matsyafed was established when fishing cooperatives, which were formed to provide financial and technical aid for fishermen, failed to meet their objectives. Matsyafed was expected to bring about a surpassing change in the existing scenario and continues its operation as the apex body of cooperatives, which got revamped under its aegis. But, the extent to which Matsyafed is successful in meeting its objectives is questionable.

Click on the link to view the study ‘Economic Empowerment of Kerala’s Fishermen: Need for Change in the Role of Matsyafed’ conducted by Sara John, Senior Project Associate and Nimmish Sany, Research Assistant, CPPR

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