In this podcast episode, we delve into the often overlooked topic of public transportation systems and what drives individuals to use them. The speaker, LIuis, kicks off the discussion by explaining the concepts of pull and push factors in public transport. Push factors, which force commuters to utilise public transportation, are examined in depth. The conversation then delves into policy initiatives related to push factors and their potential effectiveness in increasing public transport usage in India. The debate over implementing push and pull factors simultaneously versus sequentially is explored, highlighting the importance of reducing the attractiveness of car use. Addressing the unique traffic composition in Indian cities, particularly the prevalence of 2-wheelers, the discussion touches upon the implications of congestion charges. Drawing insights from international examples like Singapore, considerations for implementing effective fees in India are analysed. Lastly, the conversation shifts to India’s national transit-oriented development policy and the integration of push factors into such frameworks. The episode concludes by addressing the challenges policymakers may encounter in promoting push factors within the Indian transport system.

Speaker : LIuis Sanvicens, Urban mobility expert and researcher, Sanvi consulting

Lluis Sanvicens is an urban mobility expert and researcher from Sanvi Consulting, a strategic consulting firm in urban mobility in Spain. It helps cities improve active mobility and public transportation; as well as the rest of the city’s components and services. Mr. Liuis is an expert in the creation and implementation of Strategic Urban Accessibility Plans (PEAU), helping cities to be more sustainable. He is a specialist in public transport, pedestrian and bike lane networks, multimodality, urban planning and digitalization.

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