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Vyttila flyover: Call intensifies for real-time traffic assessment; The New Indian Express, November 30, 2017


KOCHI: Any diversion plan without traffic mobility assessment will result in traffic chaos. Reiterating the point, various stakeholders say the same will happen at Vyttila if proper traffic assessment study is not carried out before the launch of the construction of the flyover.The head of the Centre for Public Policy Research, D Dhanu Raj, said a comprehensive regional planning is necessary before carrying out a major project like the Vyttila flyover.

“We are not against the flyover. But strengthening the public transport system is the need of the hour to minimise people using private vehicles. In the case of the Vyttila flyover, even major stakeholders like PWD, the implementing agency and other officers concerned are totally clueless on the design of the flyover. A proper diversion plan cannot be chalked out without assessing the design,” he said.Dhanu Raj said the most important phase is the traffic diversion. “It will take nearly two-and-a-half years for the completion of the proposed flyover. The plan should be drawn out during the construction phase and post-construction phase. How can someone draw a detailed plan without even knowing the basic design of the flyover,” asks Dhanu Raj?

He said CPPR had associated with the flyover project presentations since the Mobility Hub project in 2011. “Government agencies like KITCO have come up with cost-saving designs for flyovers,” he said.
“Their plan mainly focused on constructing a bridge at the powerhouse road junction and making an underpass at the southern side of the existing railway overbridge. Considering the fact even developed countries are now showing reluctance to flyovers, the authorities concerned should consider alternative options.”

He said flyovers are only a temporary solution. “Strengthening the public transportation system is the most important solution. Further, flyovers will create a divide in the area commercially. Sometimes, the business establishments in the landing portion may not get sufficient business. Since flyovers don’t cater the need of pedestrians, they will start avoiding it. Hence, a real-time assessment is needed,” he said.

This news was published in The New Indian Express on November 30, 2017, click here to read: Vyttila flyover: Call intensifies for real-time traffic assessment

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