News report published in UNI related to CPPR 16th Quarterly Lecture delivered by Admiral Arun Prakash

India adds more men and less technology, quite opposite of the model followed in China on defence transformation, Admiral Arun Prakash (Retd) said here on Tuesday.

Delivering a lecture on ‘India’s Security Challenges with a focus on the Indian Ocean Region,’ Arun Prakash said India’s claims to ‘rising power’ status will remain hollow, unless it acquires the capability to design and undertake serial production of major weapon systems. “With 60 per cent of defence budget spent on pay and pensions, there is hardly anything left for modernization or re-equipment. We keep adding more men and less technology quite the opposite of the model followed in China,” he pointed out.

The lecture series was organised by the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR). “PM Modi’s announcement about creation of a Chief of Defence Staff post received widespread welcome. However, a declaration of such significance needs to be underpinned by a policy, as well as directives and doctrine,” he said.

“Inattentive defence ministers have failed to infuse innovation, dynamism and efficiency in defence PSUs and neglected to plan their future growth,” he added. The bureaucracy lacking professional expertise also causes large delays in defence procurement, he alleged.

This news report was published in UNI on October 15, 2019 click here to read

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