The Covid-19 impact survey conducted by the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) found that the respondents from Kerala expressed the highest degree of satisfaction with their state government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, among all the major states in India.

The report highlighted Covid-19 related perceptions, precautionary behaviours and the government’s responses in an attempt to discern the level of preparedness among the masses and their outlook on the government’s management of the crisis. The study also looked into travel patterns in the pre-lockdown and during the lockdown phase and assessed the change in people’s perception of public transport. 

The mean rating (weighted average) on a scale of 5 for satisfaction with the response of the government of Kerala to the pandemic was 4.11, whereas the mean rating for the central government’s measures was 2.44. The mean rating for all state governments together was 3.32. This was possibly due to the government of Kerala’s prompt response to the outbreak which reined in the infection rate before and during the period of the survey. The survey was conducted among 500 respondents across India from June 16 to 30 during the period when unlock phase 1 was under way.

This news report is on the COVID-19 Impact Survey conducted by CPPR published in The New Indian Express on September 9, 2020. Click here to read

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