The state of Kerala has always been more or less a political anomaly in India. The electoral battle of Kerala has revolved around two traditional pre-poll alliances; the CPI(M)-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the Indian National Congress (INC)-led United Democratic Front (UDF), for the last four decades. From the first election to the State Assembly in 1957, when it elected a Communist Party into power, to the fact that no political party has ever achieved majority in the house single-handedly, except for the first government, Kerala’s political landscape is unlike any other state in the country.

This study aims to understand the political narrative prevailing in the state and the various factors that affect the voting pattern of the electorate. The caste/ religion dynamics, which plays a major role in elections, is to be accounted for and its impact is to be analysed. This study also aims to understand the public perception on various controversies and allegations against the government and rate the performance of the government in various fields such as education, health, governance, crisis management etc. A comparison between the voting patterns in the assembly elections of 2016 and 2021 based on various factors such gender, caste, income etc. is also included in the scope of the study.

Click here to read the report on Kerala State Assembly Elections 2021 Post Poll Survey- Final Report

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