This is episode 38 of #PolicyBeyondPolitics podcast on Surveillance Balloons and Security Implications. In this episode, Neelima A from CPPR is in conversation with Dr Monish Tourangbham, Honarary Director Kalinga Institute of Indo Pacific Studies.

At an age characterised by geopolitical flux and progressing elements of warfare, the case of the Chinese Surveillance balloons sheds light on the fragility of the relationship between Washington and Beijing. The surveillance balloons also echoes a political message from Beijing regarding its capabilities and progress on the international stage. This calls to attention possible future implications and efficacy of AI-powered balloons within foreign airspace. This Podcast will seek to address the Chinese surveillance balloon in the context of trespassing foreign airspace, and political and security overtones, alongside its implications for the United States, China, India and the international stage.

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