The Companies Act of 2013, enacted by the Government of India, mandates every company, private or public enterprise, which has a net profit of Rs. 5 crore, to route at least 2 per cent of these funds to its Corporate Social Responsibility- related activities.

This change in law saw a huge rise in demand for professionals in the fields of law and social sciences. Mr. Amit Lahiri, Primary Investigator and a full-time faculty member at Centennial College of Applied Arts & Technology, Canada, has worked in framing CSR policies in association with several MNCs in Canada. Mr. Lahiri feels this initiative would help in clearing out the glut in the market of engineers by creating additional opportunities for skilled employment in the market.



He has been teaching and conducting applied-research projects for fifteen years. He has graduate degrees in both natural and social sciences, and a Masters degree in the Life Sciences from Bombay University and Environmental Studies from York University, Canada. He has also participated in an Ontario Ministry of Education & Training-sponsored research project on integrating immigrants in the Canadian economy.

Amit Lahiri, was hosted by the Centre for Public Policy Research – CCS during the month of January.

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