The Ease of Doing Business is a very current and recurring theme these days. The latest report by the World Bank positions India at 130th Rank. The current government wants to support the activities of the state governments in easing doing business (EODB) by providing a clear path for economic freedom based deregulation.  There are various taken by Department of Industrial Planning and Promotion (DIPP) of Government of India in coordination with the various state governments including Uttar Pradesh. UP was positioned 10th in the recent rankings and need to actively consider some of the weak points for attracting investments and attaining growth.

It is in this context that Centre for Public Policy Research, a think tank based in Kochi and having offices in Delhi is in the forefront of debating the policy barriers and challenges to ease the doing business climate in India. The proposed project involves a seminar series organised in three regions namely Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), Hyderabad (Telangana) and Bhubaneswar (Orissa). CPPR has been working on an initiative in the southern states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and closely associating with the governments in improving the overall business climate in the states. Uttar Pradesh has taken significant steps towards ameliorating the business regulations and building infrastructure for spurring growth. The Single Window system setting timebound service delivery and making online systems will boost opportunities for entrepreneurs. Land allotment, labour compliances and utility support are major weak points which the state of UP need to focus for doing business. With right strategies and focused initiatives; UP shall set the model for other states to follow.

CPPR is partnering with Centre for Uttar Pradesh Policy Studies (CUPS) to facilitate ideas for EODB reforms in the State of UP. CPPR-CUPS will conduct an event which will be a panel discussion with eminent people from business community, government, academicians and chambers of commerce and industries. The panel discussion will be conducted at IIM Lucknow. Initiatives like Single Window Clearance, Labour and Tax Compliances, Entrepreneurship Policy,Make in India, etc. shall be discussed and debated as a part of the panel discussion to identify how the states need to perform in improving its economic freedom and reduce barriers. The idea of the Seminar will be identify the priority issues affecting businesses in UP and suggest ways forward. CPPR will be developing a paper which will incorporate all the suggestions received during the panel discussion and the research findings of the CPPR. This will be sent as white papers to respective government departments and bureacrats for implementing strategic reforms on EODB.

Click here to view the Agenda of the Seminar

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