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Among State of Kerala’s many achievements, education at the school level has been emphasised as a major one. This in turn was reflected as having contributed much to the literacy rate as well as related achievements in the social indicators of the state. The institutional requirements for the same has been constantly nurtured by the state especially by providing financial support for a long period of time. The results have also been hailed. However, towards the pinnacle of the period in which the ‘Kerala Model of Development’ became a dominant conceptual framework to justify state intervention in social development, several researchers and activists pointed towards issues faced by the sector. Since the advent of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Kerala hence started focusing not on universalisation but on second generation problems faced by the educational sector. This involved addressing issues faced by minority communities, girl students or differently abled students. It also included several attempts to modify methods of teaching, introducing new tools and concepts and so on. These thoughts and ideas to modify the sector itself has been indicators that the state of Kerala is well ahead of others in understanding requirements beyond the established norms. Things seem all normal until this point. However, not all is fine writes Rahul V. Kumar, Director (Research) of CPPR. Read entirely at

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