A documentary on artist Namboothiri directed by Binuraj Kalapeedhom  released in Kochi on 2011 December 7. Historian M. G. S. Narayanan received the first copy of the documentary from the famouse painter M.V. Devan in a function, which was held at BTH, Kochi.

The 45 minute documentary named Namboothiri – Varayude Kulapathy produced by Shafeer Abbas, portrays the life and art of the artist Nambuthiri. The film travels through the vivid memories of the artist. There is a focus on the sketches and paintings of Namboodiri. In the documentary, author M.T Vasudevan Nair comments on the illustrations done by Namboothiri for his Randamoozham.

The documentary written by K.K Dharmarajan and the Research was done by Centre for Public Policy Research. . A song sung by K.J Yesudas and composed by Malcolm adds grandeur to the film.
the director of this documentary Binuraj Kalapeetom says, “It has been a humbling experience to document the 84 year life of an artist who has been one of the most esteemed figures in Kerala’s art scene. A highlight of the documentary is that K J Yesudas who has completed 50 years in music has lend his voice for it. The childhood days shot in sepia tones aim to give the time a nostalgic, artistic feel, says Binuraj. The documentary, shot in  Ponnani, Kozhikode, Kollam, Chennai and Kochi, took two years to complete.
“Unlike the usual genre of documentaries, this has been shot like a feature film. Where other documentaries insert several interviews of people, ours focuses on the artist and his works. The only exception is writer M T Vasudevan Nair who shares his experience with Namboothiri who created the illustrations for M T’s novel, ‘Randaamoozham’,” says Binuraj.

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