Debate continues on what is the role of Mobility hub society and KSRTC in deciding the transport routes and operations in Cochin city.  Mobility Hub is an international concept envisaged and customised for Cochin in 2009 as a solution to the growing demands of a metropolitian city. When the report was submitted by Centre for Public Policy Research, it had clearly stated that vision for having a mobility hub in a city like Cochin and its long term goals to make it as a successful transport operational hub. If the questions are asked about the role of KSRTC in deciding the Kochi city operations, it is because of the lack of understanding the concept and vision of Mobility Hub at Vyttila.

Vyttila Mobility hub is operated by Mobility hub society.  In the longer run, CPPR suggests the mobility hub shall be the sole custodian for the transport arrangements and operations for the city of Kochi thus making it as the single point window for clearing and ordering transport system for the city. Mobility Hub society shall operate as the NUTP envisioned ‘Unified Metropolitan transport Authority (UMTA)’ for Cochin. All the stake holders including KSRTC, Private bus owners  and associations, auto rickshaw unions, in land water navigation operators etc shall be represented in Mobility hub society parleys and discussions. The Government functionaries like Southern railway. Metro Rail,  RTOs, Traffic police district transport officers etc shall be represented on the mobility hub society but the power to decide on the routes and operating on various city routes shall be vested with the mobility hub society.  Mobility hub society shall been given with the permits without mentioning the routes and timings. The society shall have the freedom and discretion to decide on the routes that can be operated and decided upon studying the needs of the local requirements and festival seasons. This arrangement will help them to sit around a table and discuss the various needs and requirements of the transportation requirements of the city and Managing Director and the Board of the Mobility hub society can take the best possible solution fot the city. One does not have to rush to Trivandrum to address the traffic needs of the city. That way only, the city will have a comprehensive transport plan and connect the remote and ignored areas for the connectivity. The hub can decide on owning intra city buses where as KSRTC can continue with the inter city operations.

Vyttila mobility hub society shall be developed as a self sustainable entity in the immediate future itself. Like the Land Transport Authority in Singapore, mobility hub society working in tandem with City Corporation can help and facilitate the city planning and can influence land use pattern. Mobility hub society can help the city development plans by providing the consultancy and services in terms of bridging the gaps in connectivity. Same shall be the case with the inland water navigation priorities. Society can develop the inland water navigation routes and entrust the operators to ease out the traffic congestion on the city roads. In the longer run, Hub society can also decide on ticketing standards, operational compatibility and revenue allocation between and amongst the various share holders in the city transport systems. This would make them competitive and efficient transport system administrators for Kochi

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