Motor Vehicle Law Applies Brakes on Shared Autorickshaw Proposal

By Krishnachand K, Nidheesh M K and Anilkumar T

Published: 10th December 2014

KOCHI: There is one barrier which is stopping Kochi from introducing share auto system and that is an amendment of law from the transport department.

It has been two years since the corporation announced a para-transit system to fulfil the necessities that are not being met by public transport or by personal vehicles. It included setting up share autos and mini buses in the city.

Though the last two budgets mentioned a proposal to introduce such a system, the civic body has not been able to implement it owing to the rigid transport laws of the state.

“The Motor Vehicle Department law needs to be amended to introduce the system. The state government has to take that step,” said Mayor Tony Chammany.

“The government had set up Justice Ramachandran committee to enquire into the feasibility of a para-transit system. As far as we know, the committee has submitted its report in favour of the system. Now we are waiting for the government to act,” he said. CPPR, a think-tank, has also conducted a feasibility study on the system.

The share auto system will hugely benefit the passengers, especially along routes which have no direct bus service like Thammanam – Pulleppady or Thammanam – MG Road. If introduced, the auto rates for individual users will also get reduced to almost one third of the present rate.

 * The article is a reprodution of the news piece which appeared in The New Indian Express on December 10th, 2014

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