Meera Hiranandani Sanyal , Former Country Executive of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in India and the President of the Indian Liberal Group who recently resigned from RBS group to actively involve in Politics delivered lecture on Governance yesterday at Ashirbhavan, Kochi organized by the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR). Talking to the audience she stressed the need for active Participation of Educated people in the Democratic Process of the Country and raised the issues related with poor governance. She said Decentralization is one of the best option to solve local issues and suggested to implement the Panchayath Raj system effectively. The talk was chaired by D. Dhanuraj Chairman of CPPR and Prof. K.C. Abraham, Academic Director of CPPR. Mrs. Meera Sanyal who is the daughter of the Late Vice Admiral G.Hiranandani interestingly mentioned a country like India can become a prosperous only if the doors are open to poor. The basic amenities of life is denied to majority of people including water, food, shelter.


Meera Sanyal pointed out that In India People are good in criticizing and not in participating Democracy. She said “they should realize that there is a political space and if they are ready to occupy that space, someone else will do. There is no point in complaining about bad politicians”. She pointed out about the poor Administrative system in our big cities. Basically Indians are hard working and good entrepreneurs. But we need better infrastructure and effective implementation of law and order. Governance must be transparent and responsible. Nagar Palika bill is not yet implemented in true spirit and in case implemented only in a diluted format. The funds through NREGA is not being utilized for local development. Schemes likes 35 Kg Food Grains for Rs.2 will lead the nation in to food security crisis. The country is not yet utilizing the service of Jawans after retirement. Touching on issue of safety and security of women, she mentioned that it is not only the responsibility of the Government. The society and family can do a lot on it, she added.

Unexpectedly she disclosed her intention to contest in the coming elections. See News report in Deccan Chronicle.

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