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By Dr D. Dhanuraj*

In the recent times, the most sensational topic in Kerala politics has been that Solar Scam and how it has talked about Sarita Nair (said to be the chief culprit) in the whole scam. As the investigation and the daily media beats progress, it results in banality over what the reality reflects. This reality is nothing but the fundamentals of what led to the alleged scam. Why so many names are dragged to the controversy given their linkages to the scam?

Dr Dhanuraj, Chairman of CPPR tries to argue the failures of government in easing doing business in the State of Kerala by pointing out to the modus operandi Sarita Nair; the accused in Solar Scam case had to take. He brings out an alternative approach of an Entrepreneurs dilemma keeping aside the moral argument.

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* The Author is Chairman of CPPR. His views are personal and does not in anyway represent the views of Centre for Public Policy Research.

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