CPPR has initiated a programme to liberate and truly globalize the Khadi and village industries sector in India. We aim for ‘Connecting the Global to the Local.’ This initiative backed with extensive and rigorous evidence-based research enunciates ‘How Global E-Commerce Can Empower Cottage Industries in India, with a Case Study of the Khadi sector.’ The project focuses on the benefits of the liberalization of digital trade in Khadi and cottage industries to promote inclusive local growth and development in localized sectors in India. It will (i) identify regulatory and policy short-comings in the e-commerce supply chain in India that affect cottage industries; (ii) identify practical solutions on how international trade frameworks can address regulatory constraints affecting unorganized cottage industries. The project findings will be useful to draw conclusions regarding the reforms necessary to liberalize digital trade in a manner that leads to the economic empowerment of individuals/micro-enterprises in small-scale and unorganized sectors in India.

Visit this link to know more: https://www.cppr.in/unlock-khadi

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