Civitas Consultancies Pvt Ltd has engaged CPPR to study and rank the competitiveness of Lok Sabha Constituencies in India. The project features GIS, IRS images, competitiveness index etc. The project envisages better governance by reflecting on potential growth of a constituency. CPPR envisions a dialogue on the political landscape that meets the economic growth of the country by harnessing the expertise and knowledge domain of Institute of Competitiveness. This process assists the political leaders in their developmental discourse. The investment, accessibility and the transparency is the potential outcomes of this project. The Members of Parliament can leverage upon this index to understand lacunas and defects in the development of their constituencies. Hence this project recalls the institutional mechanisms pertaining to the demands and requirements of electorate.

The study on Competitiveness of Lok Sabha Constituencies in India will be developed into an interactive website. The website will be an amalgamation of various online platforms that helps to measure the daily updates with the support of rigorous econometric analysis, GIS maps and IRS forecasts. This helps an investor to understand the supply chain management and business cycles that would facilitate to an entrepreneur to reach an appropriate decision. Helping to mitigate risks and packaging the product in a customized market is the value proposition to this venture. Potential partners and investors are invited to this venture. The website will help to identify the improvements required in the basic amenities, infrastructure development, commodity and financial markets etc. This theme will help how to track the inclusive growth pattern of the constituencies thus helping all the stake holders to invest their time/money and resources for not only for widening the scope of their enterprise but also for the social change. This project is designed in way that the content information is sold on demand in addition to the sharing of the basic information to the general public.

Why constituencies? In India, data collection is done at the panchayat level, block level, district level and at the state level. The project focuses on from the grassroots and building the knowledge. With the increased role of Governance in this country, representatives of the people at every level are the important gateways for their own constituency. The pro active role of legislatures and the members of the executive redefine governance to the public domain. The platform upholds transparency, accountability and better governance in the public sphere. Information sharing and knowledge dissemination are accomplished in a competent and fair manner. The key advantage is avoiding duplication and mismanagement of resources at the district and at the constituency level. The government becomes the support system for an effective approach with the aid of people’s representatives and bureaucracy. Hence attaining Inclusive growth, comprehensive development and fortifies the institution.

Thus an Online Project Management and facilitation by the stake holders. The website also features interactive project management option where in which the general public as well as the relevant stake holders can propose a project of relevance in their localities and region. This will pave way for effective management of resources as well as the requisite developmental stratagem for that locality. In nutshell, this platform helps not only in storing the data but also the effective market research to forecast the futuristic goals. This leads the selling and sharing data, forecasting the growth and binds the demand and supply at the micro level.

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