Experts Brainstorm on State Economy

KOCHI:  The Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) on Friday organised a roundtable discussion on ‘Role of the State Machinery in Kerala’s Economy.’

The primary objectives of the discussion, which was attended by experts, was to understand how the Kerala economy fares, what could be done to help it improve and to meet the challenges of globalisation. The recommendations put forth by the experts at the sessions will be submitted before the new government to be elected in the State.

“There is neither willingness nor capacity in the State machinery to play a larger role in Kerala’s economic and social development. The key lies in effectively revamping and reengineering the State machinery,” said Centre for Socio-Economic Studies chairman K K George, who is also former director of the School of Management Studies under the Cusat.

CPPR academic director K C Abraham pointed out that the Kerala economy was not self-sustainable and growth oriented. “It is not  merely an economic problem, but a political and social problem too,” he said.On the issues being faced by the agricultural sector, experts said there was no concurrence among agricultural policies, technologies and practices. “Trying to fix the agricultural sector is like looking to fix a malignant cancer. From the policy point of view, agriculture is being given the least importance in the State,” they observed.

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