The project aims at creating a Wiki RTI platform where everyone can access information, a consolidated front that can offer information on specific Government programmes, user friendly and readymade analysis on Government schemes built on powerful software’s..
It is commonly understood that a lot of replication in the exercise is happening at different places to get the same end product using RTI platform. This not only turns out to be a waste of resources but also a burden on the state exchequer. In order to minimize the loss, we need to close the loop and then find a common platform where all the information is shared across. This can be offered on a wiki platform. Using this platform, one can generate indices like transparency, policy evaluation, cost and expenditure etc that can be compared across the tables.
The project involves compilation of information generated using RTI and provide a user friendly access on a digital platform that can be reproduced in any other form for communication purposes, networking with at least one RTI group from each CDS and a minimum of 50 activists in Kerala, standardization and evaluation of various Government schemes operating at village level using user friendly tables and analysis
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