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The project is to assist the government in easing the barriers to business related to the entry, conduct and exit of the entrepreneurs/investors/establishments in select sectors and region. This project aims at the development of a business friendly eco system in India with a collaborative approach of all the stake holders utilising the best avenues by developing an online platform. The platform will disseminate business related information, provide assistance for entrepreneurs, track policy or government process and channelise concerns, suggestions and feedbacks to enable better market access. The proposed project intends to cover three Southern States; Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. The sectors which are going to be looked in this project are Manufacturing & Engineering, Infrastructure, Energy, Drugs & Pharmaceutical, Retail, IT Software & Hardware and Education. The Project is supported by British High Commission as a part of the Prosperity Fund 2015.

The project will have different phases. The first phase of the project is research and data collection related to each sector of the project. The second phase is round table discussions with business community and policy makers. The last phase is the creation of policy brief and policy report based on research and interactions with relevant stakeholders. The second phase of the project has already begun with the completion of two round table meetings in Kerala. Remaining meetings to understand the issues faced by the business community in the three states will be conducted in the month of September.

 The round table meeting for retail sector in Kerala was organized on 1st August



The round table meeting for the energy sector in Kerala was conducted on 12th August.







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