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July 12, 2009
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August 19, 2009

ADR Centre Inaugurated- A National Movement for ADR?

Justice Krishna Iyer spoke gracefully and graciously with the real intent to have more ADR Centre like the present one in the country.   He said ADR Centre is a purpose, a mission which can be carried out through popular cooperation. The people are aware of the causes of delay in the courts. Most often after the case, both the parties are left bankrupt which shows the need of Alternative Dispute Resolution Centres. Unfortunately, judges sit as Arbitrators and cause heavy expenditure on the parties. He suggested that we must have such centers where common people can settle their disputes by bringing experts in the field where dispute lies. He also mentioned that we must, in a country like India, have ADR and that is precisely the purpose of the Centre. What the Centre does is actually disposal of the case. There is no filing of case, any adjournment, any producing evidence and appeals.

Justice Krishna Iyer suggested that a law be enacted making it mandatory for disputes to be referred for compromise through ADR Centres and make courts as the last resort. He wanted everyone to co-operate in this non-judicial alternative mechanism
By inaugurating the Centre he conveyed the strong message of having a ‘ National Movement for ADR’. He said that this was only a small step with a big purpose. The ADR Centre’s website was also launched by Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer by clicking on to the website which has facilities to register disputes.

Jithin Paul Varghese, Training and Development Associate, ADR Centre delivered the welcome address. D. Dhanuraj, Chairman CPPR introduced the Centre. Madhu S, Project Associate ADR Centre presented about the importance of ADR in the current scenario of the existing pendency of cases and the need for such a Centre. Harishankar of CPPR gave the Vote of thanks.

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