The students coming from different parts of the world culminated to be a part of the unique course. The interactive session with the students emphasized on the Kerala’s development over the years commencing from  late 19th century.  Kerala is conceived as a model state in Development owing to various socio-economic parameters. During the session, with emphasis on social and economical statistics, the development patterns in Kerala were traced in comparison to other states in India and also the United States of America to get a glimpse of the strengths, opportunities and threats faced by the state of Kerala.

The interactive session developed the curiosity of the students in learning more about Kerala. Mr D.Dhanuraj provided a glimpse of Kerala and its contribution to the economy relative to other European and American states.  

 Semester at Sea students is on the tour of Asia with Mauritius been its next destination and will further move on to the west. The MV Explorer carried 623 Semester at sea students with 200 Professors all the over the globe. The journey through the sea provided them the learning opportunity and gave insights to the realities of life in different parts of the world  The Spring Voyage is destined to end by May.

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