Former Justice Markandey Katju has been hogging the media headlines for his bold comments on Media and related things. He started with the need to include mass media under the Press Council, to the famous equation of media with ‘low level of intellectual capacity’. This was further fomented by ‘media offering opium to masses’ and taking a dig on media’s highlights after Dev Anand’s death, with the statement that “The country is facing several socio economic problems, there is poverty, price rise and incidents like farmers suicide. Isn’t all that more important”. He has also condemned the practice of media in abstaining from regulations mentioning that ”Self-regulation is no regulation”. Katju has however justified all his comments which was aimed at cleansing the muddy state of affairs in the media houses. Many critics feel that, this was more of a problem of chosing the wrong candidate for the right post and condemning judges appointment in various commissions and councils. This argument has some truth, as judges are prone to review and judge on each acts, when it is required them to be suggestive or reformative through consensus building, a behavioural tendency judges lose over the time. The Central Government needs to understand the requirements of such an authority and appoint persons who are subject experts or who have enough know-how to facilitate the smooth functioning of the establishment, both print and media.

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