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Decentralisation of governance has been mooted through the 73 rd and 74 th Amendment which empowers the Local Self Government in India to conduct and manage local communities or Wards as constitutionally defined. Municipal Corporations, Municipalities and Panchayaths have a major role in realising the objectives envisaged in the Constitution given the direct link with citizens of the country. However, on ground the situation is different and Local Self Government’s (LSG’s) are exposed to major difficulties because of the lack of administrative and financial powers. While the various Municipalities Act at the state level are supposed to decentralise many of the state government roles to the LSG’s; it still does not hold good in reality and hence is disrupting the governance system. A more open ended system calls for a participatory approach with LSGs working with the citizens in enabling action.

Ward representatives/ Councillors however are disabled by lack of information and the inability to conduct various activities in their ward. The level of current training provided has been highly inadequate and are not need based. The content of training has become outdated and hence ineffective for majority of the representatives. Practical application of the current process requires a good hold of the systems and this limits new entrants from executing various initiatives. Fiscally constrained and administratively tied up Councillors face an enormous challenge to execute programmes and plans which they have limited control and understanding.

CPPR is organizing a One Day Workshop for the elected representatives of various LSG’S in the State of Kerala. The Workshop will be a platform for knowledge sharing, imparting technical skills and creative application of resources through a participatory approach. Issues like Waste Management, Road Development, Urban Housing, Sanitation and Streetlights will be taken as major theme areas for the Workshop. Through this process, CPPR aims to improve the service delivery of local self government systems in the state.

Dates: June 14th , 2016

Location: Town Hall, Ernakulam

Click here to view the malayalam concept note Workshop on Effective Decentralised Governance Through Participatory Engagement 

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