“Environmentalists should not hinder development”, says Dr.Gopinath Panangad, Founder Director, Kerala State Literacy Mission. “It is unfortunate that some of the activists are in the habit of attacking any scheme without going into the merit of the project or its advantages open to public. This has happened in the case of a number of projects in Kerala, while such threats are not very evident in many other States which are progressing at rocket speed”. He was inaugurating a Seminar on new trends in urban development organized by the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR).
D.Dhanuraj, Chairman, CPPR, Presided. He said, “the city roads are hit not only by the vehicles of the metro but also by hundreds of vehicles entering from neighbouring districts with people flooding into the city to attend workplaces and institutions or for shopping. Growing at an amazing speed, Kochi today is extending its capacity to the limits and the civic amenities have reached a breaking point.

Yasoram Group Chairman A.R.S. Vadhyar, the architect of Skycity Project, reiterated that Flyovers are the only possible solution in a place like Kochi, where land is scarce and people are reluctant to relinquish it. Existing roads cannot hold the traffic volume any more. In this context, SKY CITY FLY-OVER HIGHWAYS are the most practical alternatives in Cities like Kochi.

Yasoram Group Director Rohit Prabhu, while making an audiovisual presentation of the Skycity Project, explained that the structure which is built on pillars over an inland backwater segment is eco-friendly and construction can be completed within 3 years. He expects that the project, which is now under the consideration of the Government, will get official clearance at the earliest.

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